Head Coach Walter Hahn
WALTER was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1987. He has had more than 700 professional wrestling matches in Europe, Japan and the US in his veteran career. His successes at wXw, PROGRESS, PWG and other promotions are well documented. He was trained by Michael Kovac in Vienna and Tatsuhito Takaiwa as well as NJPW wrestler Tomohiro Ishii in Riki Choshu’s wrestling school in Tokyo. Despite being requested world wide by other promotions world wide, Walter chose to reject numerous offers to support the wXw Wrestling Academy as well as the wXw in general instead. Walter is the head coach and is in charge of our training concept, our staff selection and our vision of professional wrestling.

Coach Jan Kronenberg
"Jay Skillet" was born in Solingen in 1991 and has had more than 200 matches in Europe and Japan during his career as professional wrestler. He was trained in the Westside Dojo and is a certified personal trainer. The lightning-swift ring technician is responsible for our daily training. He is living at the apartment to take care of the everyday needs of our stays.

Coach Alexander James
Alexander James got trained by today's NXT star Adam Cole and has been active since 2010. The US American has been part of the wXw roster since 2017. Alexander James has a background of roughly 400 professional matches to support our staff.

Coach Axel Halbach
"The Rotation" has been active in European rings since 2013. He has stayed in Mexico for multiple months to learn the traditionell art of Lucha Libre. Axel thus is able to add very specific knowledge of this spectacular pro wrestling style to our coaching staff. He is a former Wrestling Academy Trophy holder and former Campeon Alto Impacto of the Mexican DTU promotion.

Coach Francis Rohr
"Francis Kaspin" is a former track and field athlete from Essen. He has been trained in the wXw system and shares his knowledge in the beginners' and kids' classes.

Coach Julian Krückel
"Julian Pace" is the first student of the wXw Wrestling Academy to be entirely trained in our school and making his wXw debut. Julian has become part of the wXw core roster and supports our staff in the beginners' and kids' classes.

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