„If I were training in Europe to become a professional wrestler in this era I would without a doubt train under the guidance of Walter and wXw. A top notch promotion, run even more professional than many wrestling companies - even on television - in the US!“

-        Vince Russo, former Head Writer for WWE, WCW and TNA


„If you’re serious about learning the art of professional wrestling in Germany, you need to check out wXw’s training center. wXw is the leading promotion in Europe and now you have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world.

wXw is a professionally run organization that offers the best in pro wrestling action across Germany and parts of Europe.

I highly recommend the wXw wrestling school and endorse Head Coach Big Daddy Walter as a capable and talented performer with years of experience under his belt.“

- Dr. Tom Prichard, former Head of Talent for WWE


„Walter possesses all of the qualities required both as a great wrestler and an equally great human outside of the ring. I have the upmost respect for Walter both professionally and personally and I couldn't think of a better candidate as head coach of the new wXw Academy.


He holds the required skill & talent, patience, selfless nature and enthusiasm to help others grow, that makes him more than qualified to hold such a position, and at less than 30 years old he will only continue to grow as a performer and coach with the support of the equally evolving and progressive mind set of the wXw office. I couldn't possibly endorse Walter and the wXw Academy more and I am genuinely excited to see what talent they are going to produce in the upcoming years.“

- Zack Sabre Jr., British Pro Wrestler for Pro Wrestling NOAH


The wXw Academy is probably the best equipped training school I have ever seen. From the spacious training room with a ring, martial arts mats and new free weights, to the clean, cozy sleeping accomodationit is the perfect environment to either learn or perfect the craft of pro wrestling. 

There is a fully-equipped kitchen upstairs to cook, shower room with laundry facilities downstairs, and an affordable grocery store five mins walk away in the beautiful town of Essen. Everyone is professional and shares a passion for pro wrestling. With solid trainers and many wXw shows run year around, I fully expect to see some future world class pro wrestlers come through their ranks.

- Nigel McGuinness, former pro wrestler for ROH and TNA 


„For over a decade I've considered wXw to be my European home. I've seen them progress from a small Indy running a handful of events a year to an International juggernaut consistently featuring the best wrestlers from all over the world. I'm beyond proud to see them embarking on such an ambitious project with their new facility.

It will be THE destination for anyone aspiring to become part of the wrestling business as well as an exciting resource for any previously experienced wrestlers. I look forward to stepping foot in the new facility in Essen as soon as my schedule allows.“

- Chris Hero, American Pro Wrestler for Ring of Honor, PWG and NXT


"Walter is one of the best wrestlers in Europe and he has wrestled all over the world. The wXw Academy offers the best training environment for future stars." 

-        Daisuke Sekimoto, Japanese Pro Wrestler for Big Japan Wrestling


„I think Walter is possibly the best choice to be the head coach of the wXw Wrestling Academy. He himself has learnt his trade from the bottom up by one of the „great masters“ and will pass it on to the next generation. The training will be hard but fair and most of all motivating at all times.

Like no other he took in the credo „Keep it simple but it has to make sense“ and by this understands the basic principle of professional wrestling. It is not for nothing that he has shown a storybook career in Germany and is considered THE best big man in Europe. I wish him success and I am glad that a piece of the Austrian wrestling tradition will be passed on.“

-          Michael Kovac, European pro wrestling veteran