Personal Coaching
Head coach Walter gives feedback on your current deficits and for two hours, he works with you on predefined details in an individual training session extensively. Suggestions: Character development, in-ring movement, strikes, throws, holds, psychology, promos. We gladly work with you on the perfect program for you (only advanced level).
199 EUR

The perfect solution if you are unable to travel to Essen, Germany. Big Daddy Walter has an hour-long conference call with you, answers your questions and gives you feedback. Of course, you can watch your matches together, which will be analyzed by Walter and he will give you precise leads on how to improve yourself.
50 EUR
Package price: 6 Sessions for 225 EUR

Written Feedback
You prefer a written feedback instead of a personal talk? No problem: Send us 20 minutes worth of your footage (matches, promos, angles) and you will get a detailed analysis with precise suggestions from our experts.
50 EUR
Package price: Written Feedback & Skype-Session 80 EUR